Tyranny of Hours

We’re very excited to introduce new ToH drummer, Alex McDonald!

With the additions of  Matt Galligan on bass, earlier this year – – and Alex McDonald replacing Larry London this month as stickman — the guys have already set the bar so much higher for us…and that is GOOD! Alex and Matt working together with Don, has very quickly forged a completely different vibe to ToH’s feel and sound.

And I honestly gotta say – – it just finally feels…RIGHT. How awesome to have the rockin’ metal rhythm section we’ve always envisioned since starting ToH! (And  so fun and inspiring to work with people we can actually laugh and sweat with in rehearsals — then hang and share a beer with as friends.)

Now…with such critical pieces of this crazy quilt finally in place, it’s time to get a move on. Finishing new material together for our 2nd album. Planning a “real” video. And cool stuff like getting real “band pictures”! (Something we were never able to do before, due largely to scheduling and logistics challenges and the rather unsettled and transitory nature of our past line ups).

Change is never easy and this last one was not without its bumps…but it was absolutely the right decision for us, to keep Tyranny of Hours not only whole — but to grow as a band.

We deeply appreciate the contributions of each person who has played a role in ToH’s story. And Thank You to all our friends and fans who have stuck with us from the start – or joined us along our journey – – cheering us on to build the best possible band and music for you, that we possibly can!