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Tyranny of Hours brings a new sound to “female fronted metal”. Based heavily in melody, groove, and atypical but catchy hooks, the band showcases world class technical proficiency without leaving the casual listener behind.

Tyranny of Hours’ self-titled debut was released to rave reviews from national and international press including multiple nominations for 2013 Female Fronted Metal album of the year .





What the press is saying about Tyranny of Hours

Music Street Journal – ” There is a lot of talent in the PNW, but one thing’s for sure, nothing quite as original as this in the hard progressive metal department.”

Sugar and Spikes Music – “…a thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating album of the utmost quality that will surely be a landmark for 2013.”

Sorrow Eternal Magazine – “their amount of passion on this album is unmatched. Epica’s, Xandria’s, and Nightwish’s debut albums weren’t nearly this good. It sounds like a band in their prime, rather than a band starting out”…..”There is no doubt that this is one of the best debut albums in eons.”

Sonic Cathedral Magazine – “I can’t find any weaknesses on this album…I think Tyranny of Hours is going to launch this band into big things, and I can’t wait to watch their journey…”

Ugly Scene Magazine – “The female-fronted symphonic metal band has range and uniqueness that delivers”

Melodic Hard Rock Today – “An excellent debut from Tyranny Of Hours, and I really look forward to follow this fine band in the years to come!! So people out there check them out, they are really outstanding!!! 100/100″

DangerDog Music Reviews – ” the production is pitch perfect; the album breathes with clarity and crispness, drawing out the nuances and flavors of every song”

Metal Maidens – …”Just listen to the impressive pull outs by Michelle and the breathtaking guitar work of Don here. It’s one of the highlights on this album for me

Wicked Channel Magazine – “This is a band that can deliver and a singer who can really give you a showcase that guys one minute will fall in love with her and the next fear that she is going to come thru the speakers to haunt you.”

Sea of Tranquility – “There is no tyranny in the hours you will spend listening to this album. You will enjoy this debut from opening to close. I recommend that you do get acquainted with this band because they do have the talent to take them afar.”



Tyranny of Hours  online statistics

6500+ Facebook Page Likes, 15,000+ Youtube views

Regular airplay on,,,  and numerous International stations all over Europe and North and South America.

Feature articles and reviews in Dozens of Ezines, Magazines and web blogs.

Fanclubs and Forums- “Black Phoenix Rising” – UK Metal fan site – Tyranny of Hours forum since 2013.

Management and Booking –    503-851-1057

Websites and Pages:

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