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Sugar and Spikes Music – “…a thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating album of the utmost quality that will surely be a landmark for 2013.”

Sorrow Eternal Magazine – “their amount of passion on this album is unmatched. Epica’s, Xandria’s, and Nightwish’s debut albums weren’t nearly this good. It sounds like a band in their prime, rather than a band starting out”…..”There is no doubt that this is one of the best debut albums in eons.”

Sonic Cathedral Magazine – “I can’t find any weaknesses on this album…I think Tyranny of Hours is going to launch this band into big things, and I can’t wait to watch their journey…”

Ugly Scene Magazine – “The female-fronted symphonic metal band has range and uniqueness that delivers”

Melodic Hard Rock Today – “An excellent debut from Tyranny Of Hours, and I really look forward to follow this fine band in the years to come!! So people out there check them out, they are really outstanding!!! 100/100”

DangerDog Music Reviews – ” the production is pitch perfect; the album breathes with clarity and crispness, drawing out the nuances and flavors of every song”

Wicked Channel Magazine – “This is a band that can deliver and a singer who can really give you a showcase that guys one minute will fall in love with her and the next fear that she is going to come thru the speakers to haunt you.”

Battle Helm Magazine – “….a really cool record”

Ravenheart Music – “Michelle’s vocals are awesome”

Ugly Scene Magazine Interviews Don Graham and Michelle Mattair


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